How to Train a Show Dog

Want to enter your dog for a dog show? Here are some tips on how to train a show dog

Dog shows, like this one in Philadelphia, are one of the ways breeders have of displaying what your dog is capable of doing. It is a popular activity amongst many dog owners and it allows building a stronger bond with the canines. Do shows are all about what kind of talent your dog possesses, and there are several kinds of dog shows which tests the strength of the dog, beauty, and intelligence. It is a better way to show off your canine if he/she possesses special skills. However, preparing a dog for a dog show is the most difficult task and it is recommended to prepare your dog when he/she is still a puppy. It is the right time to train a dog for any purpose. Here are some tips you can consider on how to train a show dog.

Preparing the dog for the show:

The preparation starts when the dog is still a pup, but you have to make sure that the dog you are considering for the show is eligible. Every dog show has some criteria to follow and they only prefer some specific breeds of the dog to take part in the show. Thus, make it confirmed with the show representatives or the internet whether your dog is eligible or not.

The eligibility criteria:

Only purebreds with perfect ears that are free of any type of ear infection can take part in the dog shows. If you think your show dog has an ear infection right now, be sure to use the Banixx ear medication to get rid of it ASAP. Next, you have to make sure that your dog is registered under purebred and not mixed breed. For registering, you must contact a suitable kennel club, such as this on in the UK.

On the other hand, if your dog is a mixed breed, you don’t have to get upset, there are numerous dog shows only meant for mixed breed dogs.

Dog training is not a child’s play:

You can’t train your dog in one day. It requires hard work and patience both from you and your dog. At the beginning, you can attend some dog shows to get the gist of what they require in a dog to take part in these kinds of shows. You can also go to the training classes offered by these kennel clubs. Learn more at

Master the art of GAITING:

Gaiting is the first and the foremost thing that a judge will see when your dog moves around you. It is simply your dog walking with his/her head up. It seems easy but is one of the most complex tasks to accomplish. You start your dog when it is still a pup. Training a stubborn pup is the most difficult thing to do. You can lure your dog with treats to do what you want him/her to do.

Gaiting is not the only technique you are required to teach your dog. There are several others too.

1. Hand stacking is the technique or you can say a posture where your dog stands is an attentive position with his/her legs stacked. This is the position in which your dog must stand in front of the judges.

2. Free stacking is where your dog starts to understand position commands from you without you manhandling it. Learn more at

3. The next big thing you are required to achieve is to train your dog to tolerate any kind of examination performed on him/her.