See Our Show Dogs Skydiving Into The French Championship Dog Show 2017

Here at Stephlyn’s Show Dogs, we take great care to provide every pup in our care with outstanding attention and care. Why do we care so much you ask? Not just because we want them to have more fun, but because we know that our Boxers and French Bulldogs are eventually going to be skydiving into dog shows around the country, such as The French Championship Dog Show. In fact, our pups have been skydiving into the arena every year for the last 5 years! Are they scared? Nah! Our pups are breed to be fearless! Fearless I say!!! They eat danger for breakfast. The bark in the face of danger and then poop on fear. Want one? Well, just let us know where you want your French Bulldog, Boxer or Frenchie to skydive to and we’ll send him or her on their way!